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Trainings & Resources

We have a number of online courses, classes, and trainings available.
Assessment in an Online Environment

As more and ore educators are forced to make adjustments that include more online teaching, this self-paced course is designed to help you think critically about rigorous assessment strategies in the online environment.

The Freshman Bootcamp

The Freshman Bootcamp is designed to help students prepare for their first year of university attendance.  The training is appropriate for students preparing for both online and face-to-face instruction.  

Preparing an At Home Learning Program

Coming Soon

This training is designed to assist families that are designing at home learning programs for their students.  The training is appropriate for supplementing students' existing learning or crafting an entirely at home experience.

Culturally Relevant Assessment

Coming Soon

This training is designed to help individuals design a culturally relevant assessment practices.  It is appropriate for educators, families, and entrepreneurs that want to ensure their students are learning.