About Us

We at Pogue Educational Consulting are committed to educational excellence in a wide array of venues. ​ Based upon our experiences working with various schools, organizations, and businesses, we offer education consulting that includes a wide variety of workshops, training, tutorials, and other services to choose from.


These services are specifically designed to assist schools, businesses, organizations, and individuals in delivering quality education that is culturally appropriate and best-practices driven.

Parents interested in creating and/or refining their at-home learning environments and practices can receive one-on-one coaching, consider one of our virtual training sessions, and purchase quality educational resources.


Schools interested in offering professional development on issues related to cultural diversity, instruction and assessment, and alternative literacy teaching strategies will benefit from our school-related education consulting.


Organizations and businesses wanting to offer training to employs and members on issues related to cultural diversity and workplace sensitivities can benefit from members of our staff with expertise in cultural diversity training and human resource management. These workshops and trainings can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization.


Entrepreneurs wanting to sharpen their presentation skills, refine their e-course development, and understand research-based lesson planning can benefit from our consultant services, e-courses, and webinars. We look forward to working with you in making your, and your clients’, educational experiences more excellent.

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Tiffany D. Pogue, PhD

Founder and Lead Consultant